High performance XA Series

  • XA Series Power Inverter
  • XA Series Power Inverter
  • XA Series Power Inverter
XA Series Power Inverter XA Series Power Inverter XA Series Power Inverter

XA Series Power Inverter

  • Product ID:XA1500
  • Rated power :1500W
  • Input Voltage: DC12V/24V
  • AC output:110V/220V±10%
  • Product description: PAPAGO vehicle traveling data recorder full 1080 p hd wide dynamic image processing technology


Model 1500W
DC input 12V(19.5-15.5V)
AC output 110W/220V±10%
Output Frequency 50Hz/60Hz±2
USB port output DC 5V21 00mA
Rated power 1500W
Peak power 3000W
Output wave form Modified sine wave
Efficiency >90%
Non-load current 12V input <0.45A
24V input <0.25A
48V input <0.25A
Input under-voltage alarm 12V input DC10.2 V-10.5V
24V input DC 20.4V-21.6V
48V input DC 39.5V-41.5V
Input under-voltage shutdown 12V input DC 9.2V-9.8V
24V input DC 18.4V-19.6V
48V input DC 36.5V-37.5V
Input Over-voltage shutdown 12V input DC 15V-16V
24V input DC 30V-32V
48V input DC 60V-62V
Fuse 12V input 40A*4
24V input 40A*2
48V input 10A*3
Best working temperature 0~40℃
Cooling By fan
Accessories Cigarette lighter plug Battery connection lines,Cigarette lighter plug Battery connection lines,grounding line


This power inverter is a professional-quality,mid-range inverter designed to handle a variety of applications including compact microwaves,TVs,VCRs,Coffee makers,lamps,and small power tools.Completed product specifications for different standards at home and abroad,can be designed according to customer's demand.The power inverter provides optimal continuous power (1000W),making it ideal for large single loads,intermittent loads,or multiple smaller loads.The inverter's high surge capability (up to 2000W)lets you handle many hard-to-start loads,including large TVs,refrigerators,and freezers.The standby current of the unit is low.You don't have to worry about the wastage of the battery.No load current of the unit is under 0.6A.

Comprehensive Protection:

The power inverter is equipped with numerous protection features to guarantee safe and trouble-free operation.

Low battery voltage protection

If the battery voltage is too low,there will be alarm and inverter will shutdown automatically.It will protect the inverter from being over discharging.

High battery voltage protection

If the battery voltage is too high,the inverter will shut down automatically.

AC output overload protection

If a short circuit occurs or if the loads attached to the inverter exceed the operating limits,the inverter will shut down automatically.

Over temperature protection

If the inverter temperature rises above an acceptable level,the inverter will shut down automatically.

Warranty of the inverter:

Three months' free replacement in condition,one year's warranty and life-long maintenance with reasonable cost.

Replacement: Within three months,when you find the product is bad or it doesn't suit your requirements,you can take the invoice or shipping receipt to exchange a new one with the selling company,in the condition that the products,accessories and package will not affect selling again.

Warranty: The product will enjoy one year warranty.Within the period of warranty,we will never charge you for maintenance.

Life-long maintenance: When the product is out of warranty,we will charge you reasonable fee for materials and labor.And we will give another one-month warranty.For the same defects,we will never charge you within 6 months.

Warranty methods: You could send the defective products to the authorized service center or our company headquarter for maintenance.If you have special requirements,please contact us for new maintenance contract.

Shipping cost: You should bear all the charges occurred when the product is shipped between you and us.

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